I offer both Big Picture Trend Analysis and Big Picture Talks.

1 Big Picture Trend Analysis 

My speciality is to provide clarity of thought. I am convinced that the political pattern now playing out is much more predictable than commonly understood; so are many of the economic effects. DifficultRoadsBeautifulDestinationsI tend to focus especially on important trends not seen or not sufficiently reflected by mainstream (crowd) thinking. Why? Because this is where the real rewards – voter rewards and investment rewards – can be reaped. I am also convinced my services can in a big way help clients/corporations evolve as thought leaders. I work internationally with policy makers, research institutes/think tanks as well as corporations.

Over recent years I have focused heavily on the practical effects – again both political and economic – of the growing divide between European politicians and voters. As well as on the Baltic Sea security situation. I am presently working on an international multidisciplinary Master Mind project: “Resolving Populism: How to Make Back-to-Basics Politics work”.

2015-02-15-huffpic-thumbI am politically non-partisan per definition while I believe in counterbalance rather than in the superiority of any individual political ideology. I am however unafraid to choose sides on individual issues if I conclude that the evidence points in a certain direction. As an example I believe there should be no doubt that political systems that weaken the links to the people on the field of practical reality – regardless of which political ideology is dominating at the top – will lead to both political instability and deteriorating growth prospects. To me this is not a political statement but a conclusion abundantly supported by empirical evidence – throughout the history of both politics and economics.


2 Big Picture Talks

Ten regular themes:

  • Why political excess dressed up as moderation is inevitable when one political camp has been in charge for a long time
  • How social liberalism, until recently the camp for those seeking reality based balancing acts, was hijacked by la-la-land idealists; and what the social liberal parties need to do to get back in business
  • Why alarm bells should be attached to everyone in power seeking “consensus”
  • How to understand the establishment vs the people divide – the populist phenomena – if you really want to look beyond tribal point-scoring
  • Why academics are more politically influential than ever; and the intellectual debate simultaneously more one-eyed than at any point since the democratic breakthrough
  • How to build a power centre web of vested interests that makes you get away with claptrap
  • The Seven Deadly Myths that top-down power structures such as the EU could not survive without
  • The economic side of EU membership that the EU federalists do not want you to hear
  • Why real voter divisions are much smaller – and the future much brighter – than many people think
  • How to yet again revitalise Europe



EU seminar in Swedish Almedalen including Olle Wästberg, Fredrik Erixon, Mark Brolin, Nils Lundgren and (moderator) Karl Sigfrid