Media (articles, radio, TV); English and Swedish

Media contributions divided into the following five categories:

1 Related to Geopolitics or UK politics unrelated to the EU

2 Related to Swedish politics without a specific EU connection

3 EU related (since, for a while, that was the ‘only’ thing talked about)

4 Interviews

5 Book reviews

Why Credit Suisse is a special case and why the big banks might – again – end up on top (Wion News ), link here

Silicon Valley Bank and why no Lehman moment despite the repeat of market naivety and herd mentality (Wion TV

), link here

Will Britcoin become a reality? (WION TV ), link here

Iran: The execution of Alireza Akbari (WION TV ), link here

The first Jeremy Hunt budget (WION TV ), link here

Are we approaching the Vladimir Putin endgame? (WION TV ), link here

About the first days of Rishi Sunak (WION TV ; starting 4 min into the clip), link here

About the Liz Truss resignation and new leadership attempt (WION TV ), link here

About the sacking of Kwasi Kwarteng and attempt at Downing Street reset (WION TV ), link here

About the Team Truss/Kwarteng economic revolution (WION TV ; starting 4 min into the clip), link here

The impact on the Commonwealth following the passing of the Queen (WION TV ; starting 13.30 into the clip), link here

Liz Truss named Conservative Party Head (WION TV ), link here

Liz Truss set to adopt a tougher China approach (WION TV ), link here

Real moderates recognise that the greatest threat to Great Britain is the status quo (CapX ), link here

About the UK inflation crisis and looming recession (WION TV ), link here

The UK energy crisis and how more (left-wing) interventionism can be expected short term but less interventionism (right-wing policies) long term (WION TV ), link here

The Boris Johnson resignation and how the “escape artist” was finally toppled over lockdown drinks that others would have survived (WION TV ), link here

Everything in moderation: Where is the Centre ground? (CapX Live ), link here

Time to revamp Centrism and reclaim Capitalism for the people (CapX ), link here

Ignore Johnson’s moralistic detractors: Many voters may end up thinking we are lucky to have him. (ConservativeHome ), link here

The unholy anti-Boris alliance is starting to look like a smear campaign (Expressen TV SwedishFlag ), link here

The seven reasons why Boris Johnson will make a comeback from Partygate (The Times ), link here

Why Boris will bounce back also from the Christmas Party Affair (P1 Radio, Studio Ett SwedishFlag ), link here

Still formidable but SNP is singing its swan song (The Times ), link here

The sudden re-evaluation of Biden is as cruel as it is necessary (The Times ), link here

Lockdown has entrenched tribal fault-lines. Is there still British common sense? (City A.M. ), link here

Britain was dealt a poor hand in the Covid crisis – but it has unique advantages too (CapX ), link here

Why Scottish Independence, despite the current polls, it is not likely to happen (Indus News TV, Scope ), link here (segment starting 23.44 into the program)

How the woke brigade unknowingly plays into the hands of big business (The Telegraph ), link here

Which of our favourite holiday destinations will persist with face masks post-pandemic? (The Telegraph ), link here

The Scandinavian coronavirus story really does suggest it is time to ease restrictions (The Telegraph ), link here

Today’s spasmodic episodes of moral panic means the thought police is losing its grip (The Telegraph ), link here

Time to empower the doers in society (City A.M. UKflag ), link here

Sweden’s coronavirus experiment proves that the UK really is doing the right thing (Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Dissatisfaction with democracy (Indus News TV, Scope UKflag ), link here (30 minutes into the programme)

How should we treat the left-leaning bias in Universities (Reaction UKflag ), link here

Capitalism works – so why is it under attack (CapX UKflag ), link here

It’s not just the Labour Left that has lost contact with reality (CapX UKflag ), link here

I den stora oredans tid (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here  (subscription required)

Storbritannien: 300-årig pressfrihet i fara (Fri Värld SwedishFlag ),link here

Thatchers idearv värt en hederlig hantering (Östgöta Correspondenten SwedishFlag ), link here

There is hope (Kvartal, behind paywall ), part 1 here, part 2 here

Why continuously low interest rates have never worked before (Axess, paywall ), link here

Time to apply the fact oriented Hans Rosling approach and let go of the moralism that is polarising Swedish society (Expressen ), link here

Analysis of the September-22 Swedish general election (Talarforum ), link here

Det är hög tid att vi återgår till Sveriges omåttligt framgångsrika – och äkta – balanstradition (Det Goda Samhället ), link here

Att blankrösta är enda sättet att rädda demokratin (Bulletin ), link here

Moraliserandet signalerar slutet på S-epoken (Timbro/Smedjan ), link here

Sverige måste erkänna sitt coronafiasko (Göteborgsposten ), link here

De flummiga idealisterna håller på att sänka Sverige (Expressen ), link here

Sweden’s bungled response shows the perils of technocratic idealism (CapX ), link here

How the wildly misunderstood Swedish coronavirus failure is at least gainfully shapeshifting Sweden’s political landscape (The Telegraph ), link here

The coronavirus fiasco is serving as a wake-up call for many betrayed Swedes (The Telegraph ), link here

Sverige har samma skygglappar på nu som när migrationen kritiserades (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

Let’s not romanticise Sweden’s ill-prepared and adrift coronavirus response (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Sweden has shown how not to tackle coronavirus, as it fights now to save face (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Sweden is risking a lot as its coronavirus experiment comes under strain (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Idealistiskt lallande har tagit över politiken (Expressen SwedishFlag ), link here

Lyssna på väljarna och skärp er hela bunten (Expressen SwedishFlag ), link here

Vågar M sätta det politiska systemet i gungning? (Fokus SwedishFlag ), link here

Demokratin värnas aldrig bäst genom att sätta demokratin på undantag (SvT SwedishFlag ), link here

Sweden is not turning radical – quite the opposite (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Den politiska anständighetstävlingen osar katt (Realia-Posten SwedishFlag )link here

SD kommer bara att vinna på fortsatt vuxenmobbing (Expressen SwedishFlag ), link here

Forskarna eller det baktalade folket? (Realia-Posten SwedishFlag )link here

De traditionella realistfalangernas död förklarar dagens politiska soppa (Det Goda Samhället SwedishFlag ), link here

Inneboende osäkerhet präglar både S och M (Svenska Dagbladet SwedishFlag ), link here

Partierna har tappat kontakt med verkligheten (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

The real Brexit prize, UK having regained democracy, is starting to pay dividends (The Telegraph ), link here

Invasionen av Ukraina blixtbelyser EU:s demokratiunderskott (Bulletin ), link here

Det är EU och inte Nato vi bör hålla på armlängds avstånd (Realtid ), link here

Fem år sedan Brexitomröstningen (Sveriges Radio, Ekot ), link here

Sverige förtjänar bättre svar om jättenotan från EU (Expressen ), link here

Därför viker Sverige alltid ner sig när EU roffar åt sig (Expressen ), link here

Omröstningen kring coronafonden är farsartad (Realtid ), link here

Det är EU:s fel att svensk statsförvaltning inte längre håller måttet (Det Goda Samhället ), link here

Non-EU members – UK, Switzerland and Norway – set to stand out in Europe both democratically and politically (Expressen TV with English subtitles), link here

EU saknar motvikt i det politiska systemet (Medborgarrättsrörelsens i Sveriges tidskrift ), link here (page 3)

How the coronavirus crisis will affect the EU relationship in the Nordics (Folkrörelsen Nej till EU ), YouTube link here

Kasta in EU-handduken och bilda ny frihandelsunion (Expressen  ), link here

Irish border issue (Indus News TV, Scope UKflag ) link here (segment 22.35 into the programme)

A historic day: the UK is leaving the EU (P1 Radio, Studio Ett SwedishFlag ), link here (8 minutes into the programme)

Get Brexit Done (film by Gunnar Lindholm, in English or with English subtitles, two segments starting 0.36 and 14.25), link here

Mark Brolin: The negative Brexit consequences have been exaggerated (Expressen TV SwedishFlag ), link here

Many other European parties will have to do what Boris Johnson did, or die away (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

This is why Boris Johnson won so decisively (Di TV SwedishFlag ), link here

Så kommer Tories valseger att påverka Storbritannien (P1 Radio, Studio Ett SwedishFlag ), link here

UK General election 2019 (Indus News TV, Scope UKflag ), link here

Bygg om fiaskot EU utifrån Nordisk samarbetsmodell (Expressen SwedishFlag ), link here; (Kritiska EU-fakta SwedishFlag ), link here; (Länstidningen Östersund SwedishFlag ), link here; (Hufvudstadsbladet Image result for finnish flag no copyright ), link here; (Kauppalehti Image result for finnish flag no copyright ), link here; (Arbejderen  ), link here

Here are five ways to make the civil service ready to deliver Brexit by October 31 (The Telegraph UKflag)link here

Helt övertygad om att vi kommer att se en Svexit om några år (Expressen TV SwedishFlag ), link here

Brexit: Deal or No Deal? (Indus News TV, Scope UKflag ), link here

EU-förespråkarna låter som hovnarrar (Expressen SwedishFlag ), link here

Dominic Raab is the serious Brexiteer who can save the Tories (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Why the global surge in populism? (Indus News TV, Scope UKflag ), link here

Mark Brolin om Theresa Mays avgångsbesked (Expressen TV SwedishFlag ), link here

Is EU falling apart? (Indus News TV, Scope UKflag ), link here

Mer pengar till EU förvärrar problemen (Dagens Industri SwedishFlag ), link here

Gräsrotslandet Sverige förlorar mer än andra på EU (SvT Opinion SwedishFlag ), link here

Storbritannien gör rätt som lämnar EU (Expressen TV SwedishFlag ), link here

Jo, det finns visst en röd tråd i Brexitsoppan (SvT Opinion SwedishFlag ), link here

This is why a real Brexit will be a win for Leavers and Remainers alike (The Telegraph UKflag )link here

Hellre en No Deal än översittarna i Bryssel (Expressen SwedishFlag ), link here

Brexit is just another tumultuous fight for Democracy that will soon seem straightforward (Brexit Central UKflag ) link here

Svidande Nederlag för May, Vad händer nu? (Radio P1, Studio Ett SwedishFlag ), link here

EU drar åt tumskruvarna – och upprepar gamla misstag (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

Nästa EU-minister får inte vara ännu en EU-apologet (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

Three reasons the doom and gloom about Brexit is misplaced (CapXUKflag)link here; (iNewsUKflag), link here; (L’équipe Soverain France flag image - free download ), link here

Släpp fram SD och stödet kommer att falla som en sten (SvT Opinion SwedishFlag ), link here

Öppet svarsbrev till Gunnar Hökmark gällande hoten mot Sverige och Europa (Realiaposten SwedishFlag ), link here

Det är EU-militariseringen som hotar Europas säkerhet (DN SwedishFlag ), link here

Det är dags att tala om den europeiska supernationalismen (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

The time for muddling along on Brexit is over (CapX UKflag )link here

Väljarkåren den enda klippan när hela partilandskapet svajar (Realiaposten SwedishFlag ), link here

After Brexit: The case for economic cooperation without political integration (Institute of Economic Affairs UKflag )link here

Tack Björklund, du är i alla fall ärlig om EU (Aftonbladet SwedishFlag ), link here

Debatten kring EU-reform är en skendebatt (Smedjan/Timbro SwedishFlag ), link here

Ny EU-motståndarbok (Review of Swedish EU book in Kritiska EU-fakta p. 15 SwedishFlag ), link here

Det är hög tid att låta fjällen falla gällande det smygradikala EU-projektet (Det Goda Samhället SwedishFlag ), link here

Ser vi början på en Swexit-debatt? (Review of Swedish EU book in Samtiden SwedishFlag ), link here

Boris is right: most Leavers and Remainers really want the same thing (The Telegraph UKflag )link here

Europaprojektet behöver en nystart (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

The tide is turning in Theresa May’s Brexit battle. This could be her El Alamein. (The TelegraphUKflag )link here

A new chapter in the Nordics’ EU story (Institute for Free Trade UKflag ), link here

Moderaternas EU-vurm bäddar för SD (Metro SwedishFlag ), link here

Theresa May must show in Florence that she won’t be rattled by the EU’s huffing and puffing over Brexit (The TelegraphUKflag )link here

The Tories have left young people vulnerable to pro-EU propagandist teachers. It’s time they saved them (The TelegraphUKflag )link here

The Conservatives are now the underdogs, ready to confound us all by playing a blinder over Brexit  (The Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Could Scandinavia follow the path blazed by Brexit? (CapX UKflag ), link here

Brexit skapar nya möjligheter för Norden (Aftonbladet SwedishFlag ), link here; (Kauppalehti Image result for finnish flag no copyright ), link here; (MorgunbladidImage result for icelandic flag), link here; (Sosialistisk Framtid Norway Flag ), link here; (Arbejderen  ), link here

What Nigel Farage has in common with Emmeline Pankhurst (CapX UKflag and the Independent UKflag ), link here and here

The EU Cautionary Tale (Daily Telegraph UKflag ), link here (subscription required)

Why ‘Brexit lite’ is a terrible idea which will shackle us to a ticking time bomb (Daily Telegraph UKflag ), link here

The liberal hysteria over Brexit shows exactly why we need to leave (Daily TelegraphUKflag), link here

Britternas nej till EU en seger för demokratin (Göteborgsposten SwedishFlag ), link here

EU på tapeten efter Brexit: ”Det blir uppror, folk vill inte ha det här” (Nyheter Idag SwedishFlag ), link here

It’s no wonder young students love the EU. They’re being indoctrinated (Daily Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Därför är Brexit bra för EU (Dagens Industri SwedishFlag ), link here

How the EU has caught every pillar of our society in in its web (Daily Telegraph UKflag ), link here

When europhiles start parading their experts you know they have lost the argument, ( Daily Telegraph UKflag ), link here

Ordkampen mellan Bryssel och London (Svenska Dagbladet SwedishFlag ), link here

Nu tvingas Cameron leverera (Östgöta Correspondenten SwedishFlag ), link here

Skilda vägar? (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here (subscription required)

Grekisk såpopera (Svenska Dagbladet SwedishFlag ), link here

Britterna sätter fingret på EU:s ömma punkter (Svenska Dagbladet SwedishFlag ), link here

Why the EU crisis has a lot in common with Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme (Quartz AmericanFlag ), link here

Cameron’s threat of a referendum enough to destabilise the sneaky EU machine (Quartz AmericanFlag ), link here

4 Interviews

Jonathan Haidt; Dangerous Dirty Places that make citizens afraid to speak (Politico AmericanFlag ), link here

Sigrid Rausing; Hann brann för företaget, inte för pengarna (Veckans Affärer SwedishFlag ), link here

Johan Eliasch; Svensken som är tennisvärldens stora vinnare (Svenska Dagbladet SwedishFlag ), here

Johan Eliasch; Sveriges Hemliga Sportmiljardär link (Svenska Dagbladet SwedishFlag ), link here

Mark Brolin; Om Svenska och Brittiska försvaret (Fri Värld SwedishFlag ), link here

5 Book reviews

Margaret Thatcher; Hovintriger (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here

Clement Attlee; Förnuft och känsla (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here

William Waldegrave; Karriärist med känsloliv (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here (subscription required)

Ronald Reagan & Top O’Neill; Kompisar på kvällstid (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here (subscription required)

The history of the Jews; Folk på vandring  (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here (subscription required)

Henry Kissinger; Hård Makt (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here (subscription required)

Elin Wägner; Bättre författare än feminist (Axess SwedishFlag ), link here (subscription required)

Nelson Mandela; Pajkastning om sanktioner ett hån mot Mandelas arv (Dagens Nyheter SwedishFlag ), link here